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Online advertising, marketing and technology design includes everything from text ads on search engine results pages, to email marketing, social media advertising, and UX design. At New Wave Marketing, we develop different digital projects and campaigns. We simplify everything, like 1,2,3.

First, we do not spread spam of any kind, including the canned-food kind. We deliver only well-timed and appropriate communication and digital experiences to our clients’ customers. Second, every client gets over a decade of industry leading experience of working with over 300 clients, spanning numberless industries. And third, we offer the best customer service, every time – guaranteed.

If you feel we are the kind of agency you’d like to work with, don’t hesitate anymore – let’s talk.

A new cross-breed of the more traditional lead generation strategies (like white paper distribution for specific campaigns) and the most successful digital marketing channels.

We design efficient and successful retargeting campaigns to re-engage your audience and achieve good results.

These services comprise banner ads and retargeting initiatives, which New Wave Marketing can employ to enhance your business.

Email marketing is crucial for your business, as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and your customers expect timely communication.

We can offer the experience and skills needed to set up a successful lead generation plan and funnel to score and nurture your leads toward your desired goals.

Using different methods, we create an inclusive strategy to increase the number of customers acquired for your business and ultimately grow your business’s revenue.

We plan and execute finely-tuned mobile optimized campaigns, from SMS marketing and custom apps, to text campaigns and mobile banner ads.