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At New Wave Marketing we care deeply about the future of the environment, which is why we prioritize sustainability in every possible aspect of our business operations. Sustainability is deep-rooted in our corporate culture, in fact, one of our founders is a U.S. Green Building Council LEED accredited professional.

We think that every little effort matters which is why…

  • To save energy our office temperature is regulated by Nest Learning Thermostats and we switch off lights, monitors, and other electrical devices before leaving the office every day.
  • Speaking of lights, we use automatic motion sensors to turn off the lights when no one is in the office, and we have a sophisticated energy-saving LED lighting system throughout our office.
  • We carefully recycle all paper, metal, plastic and other recyclable material waste our office generates. To cut down on paper usage, we use glass dry-erase boards and only communicate via email. When printing is unavoidable, we print on recycled and post-consumer paper.
  • Employees are given their own stylish, reusable New Wave Marketing water bottle to reduce plastic water bottle waste. Employees and contractors are also reimbursed for taking public transportation and using other modes of green transportation.
  • Our office is located in the beautiful City of Bucharest, which is reputed for its sustainable practices and environmental sensitivity.

We can always do more and we’re constantly seeking new ways to improve. If you have suggestions regarding our sustainability policies, or those of our clients or partners, please feel free to contact us. We value your feedback.